Rose actively contributes to clinical research in the field of parent and infant mental health. Please find a selection of published articles below.

I’m with you, baby: Using parental embodied mentalizing in a pilot study to capture change following the circle of security parenting intervention

Shai, D., Boris, N., Brandtzaeg, I., Torsteinson, S., Spencer, R., Haugaard, K., & Smith-Nielsen, J. (2023). Scandinavian Journal of Psychology

Trust me! Parental embodied mentalizing predicts infant cognitive and language development in longitudinal follow-up

Shai, D., Laor Black, A., Spencer, R., Sleed, M., Bardon, B., Nolte, T., & Fonagy, P. (2022). Frontiers in Psychology

Parental embodied mentalizing: Associations with maternal depression, anxiety, verbal mentalizing, and maternal styles of interaction

Ierardi, E., Dascalu, A., Shai, D., Spencer, R., & Crugnola C, R. (2022). Journal of Affective Disorders.

Associations of maternal sensitivity and embodied mentalizing with infant-mother attachment security at one year in depressed and non- depressed dyads

Skovgaard Væver M , Cordes K., Stuart, A., Tharner A., Shai D., Spencer R., & Smith-Nielsen J. (2020). Attachment & Human Development 

Studying the process of psychoanalytic parent–infant psychotherapy: Embodied and discursive aspects

Avdi, E., Amiran, K., Baradon, T., Broughton, C., Sleed, M., Spencer, R., & Shai, D. (2020) Infant Mental Health Journal

Does postpartum depression affect parental embodied mentalizing in mothers with 4-months old infants?

Garset-Zamani, S., Cordes, K., Shai, D., Spencer, R., Stuart, A. C., Køppe, S., & Væver, M. S. (2020). Infant Behavior and Development